All the tools for empowerment in one unified platform


Tools that bring you closer to your people, in a HR-friendly dashboard

Engagement Tools

Increase employee satisfaction

Use pulse surveys to get feedback and identify areas for improvement. Then provide better feedback to staff.

Improve workforce

Organise exclusive company-wide events and challenges to foster new connections with colleagues.

Boost employee

Motivate your team with a points system, where games and challenges increase engagement.
Analytical Tools

Prioritise organisational health

Help your team feel their best mentally and physically with carefully planned events and courses.

Understand employees'

Identify what your employees want from post-event feedback, as well as through popular content topics.

Knowing employees'

Easily track employees' claims and benefits utilisation rates across different membership tiers.

All the benefits in one app,
for you and your loved ones

A health experience tailored to you

Take charge of your

Manage medical appointments and
claims for yourself and your loved ones, 24/7.

Get personalised health advice

Make informed decisions with recommendations from our health and wellness experts.

Track your health

Log calories, sleep and activities with our health tracker and view your medical records in a central location.
Wellness that inspires growth and productivity

Become a better you
every day

Improve your wellbeing by tapping on interactive quizzes, programmes and tools developed by our experts.

Bond with your

Connect with your peers through fun
challenges and events in the Wellness

Enjoy exclusive perks, products, and services

Choose from a wide array of health & wellness merchants to spend your Flexi benefits and points on.
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