Who can use teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation is suitable for anyone above 2 years old and seeking treatment for non-emergency illnesses. For patients below 16 years old, please ensure you have a caregiver (who must be at least 21 years old) present with you during the teleconsultation. The caregiver has to show his / her valid ID (eg. NRIC, passport, etc) to the doctor at the start of the teleconsultation.

How much is the delivery charge?

The delivery charges are as follow:

  • Day-time delivery (8am to 10pm) at S$10 nett
  • Night-time delivery (10pm to 8am) at S$30 nett

If you have booked a night-time teleconsultation but do not need your medication delivered urgently, you may inform your doctor during your session that you would like to have your medication delivered the next morning instead, to avoid the night-time delivery surcharge.

How can I book a teleconsultation?

You can book a teleconsultation via the Raffles Connect app which is free for download via iOS and Google Play stores.

Who are the doctors on Raffles Connect?

We work with a number of healthcare providers and stringent checks are done to ensure that all doctors onboard Raffles Connect are Singapore-registered and licensed with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). They hold doctoral degrees in medicine and have undergone post-doctoral training as required to be registered as a doctor in Singapore.

What are the charges for a teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation (video consultation) via our Raffles Connect app starts from $22 for a 15-minute consultation, the doctor may request for an additional payment if the consultation exceeds 15 minutes and fees differ for after office hours consultation.  Please note that teleconsultation fees do not include cost of medication and delivery charges (where applicable).

Is there a redelivery charge if I miss my delivery?

If you have missed your delivery, your first redelivery will be free-of-charge.

What do I need to prepare prior to teleconsultation?

Your identification card / documentations will be required for the doctor’s verification at the start of the teleconsultation. No prescription, referral or medical certificate can be issued to anyone who is not using his real identity or assuming a false identity. Optional: Available medical equipment to enhance the effectiveness of the teleconsultation are welcomed, such as: • A thermometer to measure temperature • A glucometer to check blood glucose level • A sphygmomanometer (also known as a blood pressure machine) to check blood pressure and heart rate • A torch to illuminate whenever necessary

What if I get disconnected during the teleconsultation?

The doctor will initiate a call-back and you will be prompted via a push notification on your phone. Upon receiving the push notification, you can rejoin the call once you accept it. If you still fail to reconnect to the session, please contact the clinic directly. An alternate communication channels might be used instead.

Can teleconsultation be claimed under my insurance plan?

Most major insurance companies provide plans that cover teleconsultations. Nonetheless, please check with your insurance provider if your plan covers it.

How do I obtain my medication after the teleconsultation?

The medication will be delivered to your address within 5 hours of the teleconsultation. We seek your patience and understanding if the delivery is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as delays arising from traffic conditions and / or other factors. Please note that the delivery will be fulfilled by a third-party courier service and you will have to verify your identity by presenting your identification card in order to receive the medication from the courier. Please acknowledge receipt of medication in the Raffles Connect app upon delivery.

Is teleconsultation suitable for all kinds of medical conditions?

Teleconsultation allows you to seek medical advice, diagnosis and referrals for non-urgent cases. Emergency health issues are NOT suitable for teleconsultation. Please seek immediate medical assistance at the nearest Accident & Emergency (A&E) or call 995 for an ambulance. The following conditions are also NOT suitable for teleconsultation: • Visual disturbances – double vision or blurred vision or loss of vision • Dizziness and imbalance • Chest pain • Breathing difficulties and asthma • Abdominal pain with fever • Diarrhoea with black stools • Fever for more than 3 days • Weakness or numbness of limbs • Urinary or bowel incontinence • Pregnancy complications • Any injuries • Bleeding from any wounds / injuries • 1st consultation for chronic illnesses • Mental health issues (call the SOS hotline: 1800-221 4444) Note: This list is non-exhaustive and may change from time to time.

How do I obtain a Medical Certificate (MC) after the teleconsultation?

An electronic copy of the MC can be viewed on the Raffles Connect App as well. Issuance of MCs is subject to the doctor’s discretion which is based on proper medical grounds arrived at through clinical assessment.

I have cancelled the teleconsultation appointment. Is there any charge?

All teleconsultations are post-paid and will be charged only upon successful completion of the service.

Can I collect my medication at a Raffles Medical Group clinic nearest to me?

We are unable to allow self-collection of medication as all medications are dispensed from a central dispensary.

I did not get a call from my doctor during my scheduled appointment. What should I do?

If no doctors are available to conduct a teleconsultation at your scheduled appointment, the clinic staff will contact you to reschedule. There may be times when the doctor has to attend to emergencies in-clinic, hence rescheduling may be required in such scenarios.

What happens if the doctor determines that my condition is not suitable for teleconsultation?

The doctor will advise you to seek other appropriate treatments or follow-up actions before ending the call. If substantial medical advice was given, the doctor may charge a consultation fee at his / her discretion. The doctor may also choose not to accept your call, if the purpose / symptoms stated in the call is deemed as unsuitable for teleconsultation. In such situations, the clinic staff will call you to advise you to seek other alternatives.

I am a corporate patient and my corporate plan covers teleconsultation. Do I still need to provide my credit card details?

Yes, all users are expected to provide credit card details to secure their teleconsultation appointment slots. Total charges will be finalised at the end of the teleconsultation, and corporate terms and benefits will apply accordingly.